None So Blind

“None so blind as those who will not see.”
Matthew Henry, (1662-1714)

Hundreds of Alaska Air Lines flight attendants are reportedly suffering from mysterious rashes, itchy skin lesions and hair falling out. The cause is believed to be their new 100 percent polyester uniforms. The problem with this reasoning is that these uniforms were issued in 2011 and Alaskan wild life suffering from these same symptoms do not wear uniforms. Polar bears, walruses , otters and seals are losing their fur and strange lesions have been found on many of these mammals. As far as I know, only Glen Canady of Before it’s News has been willing to speculate that these flight attendants and the northern wild life are suffering from early signs of radiation poisoning coming over in the jet stream and ocean currents from the ongoing Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. (“Are Alaskan Airlines Flight Attendants Getting Sick From Fukushima, /5/14/2012 ).

And then ,we also have the mysterious deaths of some 900 dolphins and thousands of sea birds along the Peruvian coast on up to the border of Ecuador. Dolphins suffered from multiple skin lesions and maritime birds were thought to have starved because they could neither swim nor fly. Reasons given for this wildlife debacle range from climate change, dragnet fishing to oil shore drilling ,acoustic effects of undersea sonar activities and as yet unidentified viral mutations. Renowned Biologist Guillermo Boigorrea from the University of Trujillo said that scientists were also analyzing the sea water. “ It’s unbelievable that that the Oceanic Institute has still not given a reason for the massive death of pelicans and dolphins. I believe that we are trying to protect certain interests”. The Peruvian health ministry has urged the public to stay away from the beaches near Lima and along the northern coast until the cause of the die off is known.( /5/14/2012 ) This news was soon followed by reports of 2000 coastal birds found dead along the coast of central Chile. Officials there put the blame on fishermen’s nets and environmentalists suspect oil exploration activity.

While any or all of these explanations may have merit, no one has considered the possibility that the common factor in airline attendants illnesses from the polar north on down to Peru and Chile has anything to do with radiation. This is especially interesting given the high levels of radiation found both in Japanese seaweed and the kelp forest all along the coast of California. ( Michael Collins, ). The fact is that that massive quantities of radioactive materials and contaminated water from the spent fuel pools continue to flow into the Humboldt Current, familiar to the Japanese as Kuroshio. Also known as the Black Stream, the Kuroshio/Humboldt is the driving force for the north Pacific current. This relatively narrow and rapidly moving band of water is conveying a concentration of radioactive poisons around the North Pacific, across the Bering Strait to southern Alaska, Canada and down the West Coasts of the United States and Mexico. When this contaminated North Pacific Current arrives along the continental shelf, it divides. One stream veers northward along the coasts of Alaska and Canada and breeding grounds of seals, sea otters, and walruses ( and the flight paths of Alaska Airline crews). The other stream turns south and becomes the California Current and this in turn divides again into the Equatorial Pacific, moving from Mexico to the Philippines where it rejoins the Humboldt and the Peruvian heading south along the coast of South America. Mega-scale hydrodynamics reveal that the Fukushima nuclear disaster is in the process of contaminating most of the vital fisheries of the Pacific. (Yoichi Shimatsu. “The Death of the Pacific Ocean”,, December 2011 ).

Why a reluctance to connect the dots that lead toward radiation as a potential and ongoing threat in all of these so called mysterious air and sea events ? From a psychological perspective denial can be understood as a protective defense mechanism when there are insufficient resources needed in order to face an overwhelming reality. While denial can be protective, heads in the sand can also lead to disaster. As always, there are also issues of power and greed. It is the nature of governments and industries to withhold information in order “to avoid panic”, but also to place profit and social control above public health and safety. If the truth about ongoing, massive , radioactive contamination of the entire Pacific Ocean were to be widely acknowledged, this would have a devastating effect on fishing industries, tourism and air travel which would soon reverberate throughout the economic food chain. And, there will always be those who just do not want to know, but like gravity, radioactive contamination in air, food and water, increasingly dangerous to all living things is here whether you believe in it or not.

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