What to Believe?

Nuclear power is a hell of a way to boil water. (Albert Einstein)

On the morning of June 7, 2012, I logged onto the web site of my favorite weather guy who calls himself Dutch Since (www.sincedutch.wordpress.com ) and was startled to find a posting of extremely high radiation levels recorded by three different monitoring systems in the upper Mid-West. I was immediately concerned for a number of reasons including the fact that I have close family members living there. While radiation levels vary throughout the country any counts per minute over 100 is cause for serious concern and these unprecedented levels were as high as 7,074cpm. Radiation Network responded by turning off their monitors and Black Cat Systems issued a statement claiming malfunction. The story could have ended there except that RSOE EDIS, The Hungarian Association of Radio Distress Signaling and Info-communications (hisz.rsoe.hu) which operates an Emergency and Disaster Information Service, reported a nuclear event in exactly the same area where the radiation spikes appeared.

Later in the day, multiple mainstream news outlets carried a story that operators of the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station in Oak Harbor, near Toledo, Ohio, revealed that they had discovered and contained a “pinhole –size leak spraying radioactive coolant”. This they claim, was contained by their collection system and radiation never got outside of the plant into the surrounding atmosphere. Operators also claim “no injuries” along with the time worn, all too familiar, “no danger to the public” that we have been hearing since the advent of nuclear testing programs. Are we to believe that a pinhole –size contained leak had nothing to do with sky high and potentially lethal radiation spikes in that exact same location? Some people will believe anything rather than pursue a difficult truth.

While the corporate controlled mainstream media stayed with their pin hole story, on June 8, 2012, Anthony Gucciardi offered a more credible version of the Ohio events : Nuclear Cover-Up: Explosions Filmed Near Blacked Out Radiation Zone: (http:naturalsociety.com). He reports that eyewitnesses near the elevated radiation zone are now sending a large number of photos and videos documenting massive explosions accompanied by unmarked helicopters, A-10 Thunderbolts and military personnel and a hazmat fleet from the Department of Homeland Security. Witnesses also reported “explosions everywhere…seriously consistent, loud booms lasting an hour or more”.

It was rapidly becoming apparent that tales of pinhole leaks and malfunctioning monitors were no longer sufficient to cover events of this magnitude. Yet another story would now be needed. So again on June 8th Gucciardi came out with the latest spin: “Breaking: Major Base Running ‘Containment Exercise’ Amid Censored Radiation Spikes” (http://naturalsociety.com). This version of events claims that the Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota is running a “nuclear containment exercise”, hence the need for media black-out and military hardware. This version is less than reassuring since our military usually announces their exercises well in advance in order to avoid alarming the public. At the very least, what we see here is a highly organized level of non-disclosure enabled by mainstream media outlets. A worst case scenario presents us with the possibility of yet another highly dangerous nuclear event seriously endangering public health and welfare.

With loved ones living within an hour of the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station I decided to look into the 34 year history of this facility. According to Wikipedia and other sources, Davis-Besse has a highly dubious safety record with many incidents, violations and criminal prosecutions of personnel convicted of intentionally misleading federal regulators as to the dangers of this plant. More information is available in the Union of Concerned Scientists Report on Davis-Besse. Those who still believe in that safe, clean, green energy fairytale offered by nuclear power proponents are welcome to go back to sleep. For the awake and aware the handwriting is on the deserted walls of Chernobyl, a disastrous partial meltdown at Three Mile Island, present horrors of Fukushima and recent nuclear events at Missouri’s flooded Fort Calhoun nuclear plant , California’s San Onofre and now Davis-Besse. Our most reliable information now comes from alternative media and foreign press. The internet provides a rich source of information about the dangers of radiation and options for defense, protection and minimizing exposure, on web sites such as www.rense.com, which offers an entire section of nuclear news; Michael Collins,www.enviroreporter.com; and Army Major General Albert Stubblebine’s information at www.healthfreedomusa.org.

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