Gerald Celente: Trends in the News

Nowadays on You Tube and the Internet we have an opportunity to avail ourselves of both the wisdom and insights from Trends Researcher, Gerald Celente. While I have followed Mr. Celente’s highly accurate and informative material for years, his latest “red- hot” video rants on You Tube are especially compelling for someone with my World War II and post war family background. I was born into the middle of that global conflagration, during a time when communications having to do with both local and international situations were quite limited. In those days, voices of authority arrived via our sizable, wooden console-radios, accepted and respected as a necessary fixture of our living room furniture. Senior male members of our family gathered for eagerly awaited broadcast news, surrounded by the rest of us…hoping that they could explain at least something about the meaning of what we had all heard.

These war time and childhood experiences were likely the earliest beginnings of my life as an information and news junkie, or maybe not. Anyway, in our rural household, it was my beloved and always patient grandfather who listened to these broadcasts and then took the time to explain whatever information he thought that he had heard. My Grandfather’s patient presence during these often troubling broadcasts were somehow able to transmit a sense of comfort during those difficult times, for our war torn family.

As I grew up and times changed, evening newspapers were delivered daily to our residence. And still, it is important to remember that there was a time, during the late Forties and early Fifties, when most of us did not yet have television . After the Second World War, our family soldiers, dead and buried; within our newly configured family, it fell to my step-father and step-grandfather to now read news to us every evening. After these evening family rituals, the younger ones were usually allowed to read “the funnies”. In retrospect, I remain for grateful for our war-generated extendedly family willing to step in and keep the information flowing, and I still enjoy “the funnies” … mostly online.

And so, I have presented some psychologically based , family history issues which may explain my affection for Gerald Celente’s online, on-fire, attired in comfort jacket, reading of increasingly unsettling news to any and all will to listen……as if I needed a reason.

None of this about my family ‘s own backstory is of any real importance other than the fact that…there is some very good news in finally finding another really good man willing to tell it exactly as it is…

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