Pacific Peril: A Clear and Very Present Danger

“Since the middle of the 20th century more has been learned about the ocean than during all preceding human history; at the same time more has also been lost… Health of the ocean means health for us”. (Sylvia Earle, oceanographer)
“The progress of rivers to the ocean is not so rapid as that as man to error” (Voltaire)
“Every drop in the ocean counts”. (Yoko Ono)

If one were to rely upon our mainstream media outlets for recent information about the ongoing nuclear crisis generated by the Fukushima Daiichi disaster in March 11, 2011, then a composite picture emerges of a newly discovered leak which might eventually become serious. Numerous stories mention a growing concern that radioactive material could just possibly reach the ocean and that a radioactive plume could extend across the Pacific to the shores of North America in 2014. Even nuclear engineer and activist Arnie Gunderson soft-pedals this threat by announcing that this is the last year that he will be eating fish from the Pacific.

Clueless, Salon assistant editor, Lindsay Abrams went so far as to publish an article stating that while the radiation will probably reach our shores sometime in the future, “fortunately it should be harmless”. (, August 29, 2013)

The mind boggles…and this is why anyone seriously seeking truth about this global disaster needs to turn their immediate attention, from profit-oriented media deceptions toward alternative media and reliable foreign press sources; not controlled by the corporate conglomerates holding vested interests in both nuclear power and mainstream news: GE, Westinghouse and… need I go on? Good information and ongoing updates are readily available at:,,,, (articles page), and from Japan: as well as, graciously hosted by Mochzuiki.

Strange as it may seem to those of us from the Cold War, (“Better Dead Than Red”) generation, there is often more truth to be found on RT (Russian Television: than CNN. Just today on their English language broadcast, RT featured an interview with Dr. Christopher Busby from the European Committee on Radiation Risk who observes that TEPCO’s “pump and pray” tactic for managing radioactive leaks, is obviously not working. Furthermore, he challenges recent spin stories purporting to explain the recent spikes in radiation levels surrounding the Fukushima complex, as a result of random water storage leaks. More likely, Dr. Busby believes that at least some melted fuel corium lies under- ground, beneath the damaged reactors, near the ocean, and this might be creating an open air fission event. Apparently, ocean waters in the surrounding area are so hot that the sea appears to be boiling, as fog reportedly condenses like steam over the heated surface of the water. This extremely dire possibility, Busby urges, is not a local affair but rather an emergency situation of immediate and international concern. (RT, “Fukushima open air fission?” (September 2, 2013).

Japanese environmental reporter Yoichi Shimatsu, has repeatedly warned of just such an extinction level event. (

It is important to clearly understand that there is absolutely no safe level of radiation in air, food or water. And, it is a fact that significant levels of radiation were released at the time of the March11, 2011 accident which have traveled throughout, and continue to contaminate our entire northern hemisphere; by way of atmospheric jet streams, wind and ocean currents. Radioactive tuna were found in California as early as Autumn 2011, which should not be so surprising since it takes only six days for these fish to swim from Japan to the West Coast. As yet, and not so surprisingly, no results of any 2013 (evidently clandestine) tuna tests have been released; and this is not good news for sushi lovers, especially since seaweed wraps of Nori, have recently tested hot by independent investigators. Radiation is bio-accumulative, which means that even small doses accumulate over time to even more dangerous levels. Radioactive fallout has been coming down and around, through wind and precipitation since 2011; seeping into soil, contaminating both crops and groundwater.

As soon as it was clearly apparent, just shortly after Fukushima Daiichi Complex’s explosion and triple meltdowns, that increasing danger from fallout was imminent; our household purchased a Geiger counter to test our food and water. While I understand that not everyone is this depressive economy has the means to do this, families, neighborhoods, intentional communities and collectives, might consider pooling their resources to obtain one of these devices and share their results with others. Background levels of radiation here in Arizona are already high since we are downwind from Nevada’s atomic test sites, and so our immediate area registers around 50 CPM. We decided to become pro-active since it is the nature of governments to place economic and military interests above any concern for public health and safety. We soon discovered that while our rain was only intermittently hot; we were finding unacceptable levels of radiation in some of our favorite foods grown in the Pacific Northwest, as well as California’s Imperial Valley, and also thought it best to forgo Alaska salmon and other seafood from that area. At this point we don’t eat anything from the Pacific, or anything imported from Japan. Although we truly love seafood, we also rarely eat out now and routinely annoy waiters by asking them just exactly where their oysters, scallops, shrimp and other delicacies have come from. (Gulf of Mexico Corexit-tainted seafood is also suspect and so we sadly decline those delicacies, as well). Our government’s decision to shut down their radiation censors makes economic sense since the truth about this apocalyptic event has a potentially devastating effect on seafood industries, restaurant dining, commercial and sport fishing, tourism, import/export operations, and agricultural interests.

Our Environmental Protection Agency soon joined other cover-ups by quietly raising “acceptable” levels of radiation in our environment. For example, according to the U.C. Berkeley Radiological Air and Water Monitoring Forum, March 29, 2011, just weeks after the Fukushima disaster, the EPA raised their “acceptable levels” of exposure to Strontium 90 nearly a thousand-fold . And then, acceptable levels of exposure to Iodine 131 also rose from a 3,000 to 100,000 hike and almost a 25,000 times increase for radioactive Nickel 63. Therefore, it seems likely that this corporate controlled government agency is likely to continue adjusting these “safe” Protection Action Guides (PAG) levels upward as bio-accumulative radioisotopes continue to increase. Apparently they believe that they can sell us on the idea that all danger disappears as long as they can fudge the science.

It appears that this recent spate of mindless media blathergab, cover-up , denial and profit oriented minimizing, has seriously escalated since Shunichi Tanaka, head of Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority has made it clear that ocean contamination has been ongoing and even increasing since the initial triple meltdown event. According to a report by the French Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety, the initial March 2011 breakdown caused “the largest single contribution of radionuclides to the marine environment ever observed”. Ken Buesseler, a senior scientist with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, who has analyzed thousands of samples of fish from the Japanese coastal area, reports that he continues to find high levels of cesium 134… “it’s getting into the ocean, no doubt about it…the only news is that they finally admitted to this.” (Patrick J. Kiger, “Fukushima’s Radioactive Water Leak: What You Should Know”,, August 7, 2013).

Only the naïve will find comfort in the facile and fictional dilution/solution which holds that those vast waters of the mighty Pacific have the power to dilute and even neutralize any and all dangers to health and safety. As I explained in a previous blog, “Something Happened in the Ocean”, dangerous high levels of radioactive fresh water from Fukushima’s crippled reactors, dumped into the ocean, are less dense than salt water. Since oceanic waters of different temperatures and degrees of salinity do not readily mix, concentrated layers of lethal contaminants float along atop the high sea currents which serve as hydrodynamic conveyer belts, rapidly moving between the shores of Japan and the West Coast of North America. While one may understandably prefer to ignore radiation, radiation will not ignore you, nor your loved ones and certainly not your descendants. While information is power, these are especially challenging times and critical discernment is essential for the awake and aware.

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