Japanese Sunset

The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire” (Robert A. Heinlein)

“Freedom of speech is always under attack by fascist mentality which exists in all parts of the world, unfortunately” (Laurence Ferlinghetti)

“The very word ‘secrecy’ is repugnant to a free and open society” (John Fitzgerald Kennedy)

In the wake of Japan’s Fukushima ongoing triple meltdown disaster, darkness is the new norm; in the Land of the Setting Sun. Unable stop ongoing , highly toxic radioactive leaks, their recent ploy is to stop any and all leaks of information about the true state of the nuclear crisis contaminating our entire northern hemisphere. On this December 7th the 72nd anniversary of a so-called surprise and unprovoked Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Japan has announced a clear intention to return to Imperial militarism and bring its country’s post-war experiment in democracy, swiftly to an end. We now know that their 1941 attack was not unprovoked and that our government was, to some degree covertly, complicit; in that it precipitated our entry into World War II. Now in 2013, we are an overtly complicit ally, in support of recent actions of the Japanese parliament.

Ignoring thousands of protesters gathered outside of the Parliament Building, pro-nuclear Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe and his right wing LDP party, steamrolled legislation that now allows the government to declare anything at all, “classified”. Any challenge, or even questioning of these Kafka-esque secrecy laws, is to be considered an “act of terrorism”. Just exactly what is to be considered “classified” remains intentionally undefined. To no avail, Japanese lawmaker Hirokazu Shiba rose from his seat and shouted, “This is the way a reign of terror begins”. In classic Orwellian doublespeak, ardent nationalist, Prime Minister Abe responded that, “secrecy laws are designed to protect the safety of the people”.

This state secrecy bill now criminalizes public officials, private citizens, whistleblowers, bloggers and journalists, who leak information that might prove inconvenient to the government. Any such acts of inquiry are punishable by stiff prison sentences. This would also apply to Japanese citizens living outside the country. Critics have raised fears of raids on news outlets suspected of breaking this law; and filmmakers expressed concern that they will be forced to manufacture propaganda material. (UK Guardian: December 5, 2013).

This should not be so surprising, given there have been indications that a Fuk-‘hush’-shima information clampdown was on the way. For some time now, scientific reports showing radiation damage to human health and other living things have been barred from publication, within this increasingly insular island nation. In a similar vein, Japanese medical doctors have been forbidden to inform their patients that any of their bodily symptoms are a result of radiation exposure. (ENENews.com, 11/26/13)

Insanity continues in a recent government, outright macabre, offer of a “new, very good house, without payment”, for pregnant women willing to return to Fukushima Prefecture. (nuclear-news.net, November 1,2013)

Abe has also put forth his ultra-hawkish intention to alter the Japanese constitution, founded in 1955, and remove the Article Nine: “Pacifist Clause”, intended to prevent Japan from waging war. The Empire of Japan surrendered on September 2, 1945 and their new constitution was largely drafted by a team of foreign military officers, which has acted as a powerful restraint upon the nation’s rulers.(Lawrence Repeta, “Japan’s Democracy at Risk”, Japanfocus.org, July15, 2013). Perhaps you may remember that Imperial Japan was a staunch ally of Hitler’s Third Reich, who redefined them as “Asian Aryans” . Fascist sympathies remain.

In support of new secrecy laws, Finance Minister Asa Taro proposed that Japan continue to learn from the Nazis. “One day Germany found out that the Weimar Constitution was changed to the Nazi Constitution, without it being noticed by anyone. Why don’t we learn from that technique?” On another occasion, Taro explained that… “Just as Germany needed a strong man like Hitler to revive defeated Germany, Japan needs people like Abe to dynamically induce change”. (Asahi Shimbun, August 2013)

In the United States our pro-nuclear, equally hawkish Obama administration, which also persecutes whistle blowers, and allows seafood from Fukushima to be sold in our country, immediately issued a statement of support for Japan’s new National Security bill. Our U.S. Charge d’ Affairs Kurt Tong, declared these newly enacted secrecy laws to represent a “positive step that would make Japan a stronger ally”. (ENENews.com, November 26, 2013).

It has been suggested that shockwaves from the Japanese 3/11 disaster are eerily similar to our 9/11, in that both provided opportunities for authoritarian power grabs such as the Bush/Cheney administration’s repressive “Patriot Act”, together with the creation of a Department of Homeland Security. Then came the passage of the fascistic NDAA act which authorizes the government’s indefinite military detention of persons the government “suspects” of “terrorism”, whatever that means in our post 9/11 world.

In a November 30th op-ed in Japan Times, Jake Adelstein observes that Abe’s new secrecy bill bears a resemblance to Japan’s pre-World War II, Peace Preservation Law. This legislation legalized the government ‘s ability to arrest and jail individuals out of step with its policy; in keeping with a well-known Japanese saying: “the hammer will strike a nail that sticks out”. When freedom of speech is shut down, as is happening now and as it was then; people become afraid to speak, which soon leads to a fear of thinking and therefore serves as a covert form of mind control. (Yoichi Shimatsu, Rense.com, December 2, 2013)

Japan’s sudden lurch toward authoritarian rule can be understood as the latest iteration in a long Imperial and militaristic fractal. Shinzo Abe is a member of a powerful political dynasty, descended from Samurai families, as well as being the grandson of Prime Minister Nobuske Kishi, who Abe claims as his personal and political model. As a member of the Cabinet of Prime Minister Hideki Tojo, Kishi co-signed the order for their attack on Pearl Harbor. As Tojo’s minister of commerce and industry, involving munitions and slave labor, Kishi has been considered to be the nearest Japanese equivalent to Nazi Germany’s Albert Speer. Nobuske Kishi was also responsible for the development of Japan’s notorious Imperial Army Unit 731, established with orders from Emperor Hirohito, in their newly acquired colony in Manchuku/Manchuria ( now Northern China ) during the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945). This secret, sinister installation, along with satellite facilities, carried out thousands of heinous, unspeakably sadistic, biological, and chemical warfare and mind control experiments on human subjects; including women, children and Allied and American POWs.

After World war II, both Tojo and Kishi were convicted of war crimes and were sentenced to prison. After 3 years Kishi was released, allegedly in exchange for data from Unit 731 experiments, and reportedly given an important position in American pharmaceutical industries. The torture derived information was also likely passed along to our own biological and chemical warfare facility at Fort Detrick in Maryland as well as integrated into our infamous MK-Ultra mind control program. It is widely believed that mind control data from the Manchurian facility was put to various uses during the Korean War. A fictionalized account of these “brain-washing” experiments, which supposedly took place in China, appeared in the now classic Manchurian Candidate 1959 political thriller novel by Richard Condon. This story was twice adapted to film in 1962 and 2004. The term “Manchurian candidate”, has since entered American vernacular as a description of anyone programed to carry out actions against their will.

Shinzo Abe recently saw fit to revive the issue of the Manchurian Unit 731, during some in- your-face, photo op antics in the wake of their 3/11 tragedy. During a visit to the tsunami ravaged Fukushima Prefecture, he had himself photographed while seated in the cockpit of an air force military training jet, emblazoned with the number 731. Such a blatantly aggressive image carries a public relations equivalent; as if German Chancellor Angela Merkel did a photo op-ed of herself, in a plane bearing a massive Nazi swastika. Abe’s aggressive numerical provocation was not well received by Japan’s East Asian neighbors who remember the unspeakable, secret facility and the wartime cruelties associated with it. (Stack Jones,” Abe At It Again”, nihongonews.com, May 19,2013).

Cries of moral outrage were swiftly dismissed, as political spin-masters loyal to the LDP, insisted that the choice of jet number 731 was strictly a co-incidence; and this less than politically correct incident received sparse attention from our corporate controlled, nuclear friendly, media outlets. If you can believe the coincidence story, please contact me because I have some lovely ocean front property to sell right here in Arizona (with pictures). The hand writing is clearly written all over the walls of Japan, with this and other incidents; including Abe’s being the first to raise his arms in a “Banzai” salute to the Emperor and Empress during a ceremony marking the return of Japanese sovereignty after the war.

Given Prime Minister Abe’s anachronistic historical views, we have every reason to anticipate an increasingly militarized society within this East Asian nation; as well as a momentum toward constitutional revision which favors war. Increasingly draconian censorship is already underway, which will undoubtedly be aided and abetted by powers of an ever vigilant, transnational, nuclear cabal; along with their push to reactivate more of Japan’s unsafe reactor complexes located precariously upon major active earthquake faults, some not all that far from active volcanoes. Meanwhile, Fukushima’s triple disaster leaks have remained absolutely unstoppable, as they continue to poison Japan and the rest of us as well, far into a now uncertain future.

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