Dystopian Convergence: Big Brother’s Brave New World

“When the tyrant has disposed of foreign enemies by conquest or treaty, and there is nothing to fear from them, then he is always stirring up some war or other, in order that people may require a leader”. (Plato, The Republic, c. 380 B.C.)

“Never attempt to win by force what can be won by deception”. (Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince, 1513)

“A criminal class is busy inventing reality for us. They’ve been doing it since the dawn of time”. (Jon Rappaport, rense.com)

“Folly is perennial, yet the human race has survived”. (Bertrand Russell, Philosopher, 1873-1970)

January, this first month of our new year has been traditionally associated with an ancient Roman deity Janus, traditionally depicted with two faces. One face sees deep into the past while his other sees far into the future. (Gary Forsythe, Time in Roman Religions, 2012). January is also a traditional month for issuing future predictions and various astrologers, psychics and other soothsayers, political prognosticators and various purveyors of economic and financial futures show up and around various media outlets with a usually predictable collection of likely scenarios for the coming year.

Plainspoken Trends Journal founder, Gerald Celente, ranks among the most credible forecasters with an impressive track record for accuracy. While admitting to occasional hunches, he denies that any so-called woo-woo elements play any role within his common-sense predictions. Celente maintains that his is a very straightforward method since, “current events predict future trends”. While I don’t disagree, I would also suggest that the hand writing for humanity has long been on the wall, at least as far back as fourth century BCE Plato‘s, The Republic, together with Machiavelli’s Renaissance classic The Prince.

In recent times, master blueprints for social engineering were updated and clearly set forth during the twentieth century by Aldous Huxley and George Orwell. These British social critics and literary titans knew each other from a time when Huxley was Orwell’s professor of French at Eton. In later life they often corresponded, exchanged ideas as well as published works. To this day they are often paired for compare and contrast assignments in English and other literature and political-science classes. Among online and other pundits they are often framed as oppositional, in articles such as “Orwell Versus Huxley: Who Are You Behind?” (Laureen Feeny, billmoyers.com, April 27, 2012). While their differences are interesting enough, more important is the fact that both essentially took different routes to the same destination. Both Orwell and Huxley, mutually influenced by H.G. Wells, shared a futuristic vision and clear warning of social-engineering agendas, designed to implement and carry out nothing less than an absolute, totalitarian control and oppression of the independent human spirit.

George Orwell is the pen-name for Eric Blair and 1984 a permutation of 1948, the year during which his novel was written. While many of his dystopian predictions did not manifest by his designated date, here in the 21st century many of his state sanctioned formulas for fear, control, universal surveillance and state staged false-flag and controlled media theatrics, seem uncomfortably familiar. Orwell evoked a New World Order which is divided between three superpowers: Oceania, Eastasia, and Eurasia, which continue to rotate through an ongoing series of alliances and hostilities designed to create a planet- wide, new normal, of endless, unwinnable wars. Populations are divided into political castes, headed by a ruling minority of our now familiar one percent, whose only goal is to obtain and maintain power; forever.

The projected face of these global controllers appears in Orwell’s, possibly fictional, media constructed, omnipotent, “Big Brother” who is unquestionably served by an all pervasive surveillance network aided by omnipresent tele-screens. Therefore, any renegade thinkers who attempt to assert any individuality, are quickly discovered, and subjected to trauma based mind-control; tortured and brainwashed into compliance. While more or less of the many versions of a Big Brother figure have appeared in fiction, here in the USA his recent incarnation in the form of Janet Napolitano’s “ Big Sis”, has not been all that well received. She has since stepped down from her position as Head of the Department of Homeland Security, in order to serve the next agenda in the military/industrial/nuclear/academic complex; within the widespread University of California educational systems.

In 1984, education is dictated by an omnipotent state, and curriculums are mandated by their “Ministry of Truth”, whose task it is to re-write history, edit all school textbooks, according to an official agenda and to permanently disappear any authentic documents with contrary information into a deep memory hole of oblivion. With a similar agenda already in place, within this country, it is no small wonder that increasing numbers of concerned parents are now choosing to Home School, to find private educational resources; or campaign against government mandated, “No Child Left Behind”, robotic, dumbed down, test-taking agendas, created and promoted by members of the Bush cabal. Educators within Orwell’s caste system are to be found amongst the outer 13 percent of devoted minions of their controlling elite, as we might now observe in the military-industrial takeover of our once magnificent, private and public universities. Orwell’s novels, including his anti-fascist/anti-communist, Animal Farm, written in 1945, carry a similar message: All dictatorships are basically the same.

In our post 9/11 surveillance state, supposedly protected by the euphemistically titled Department of Homeland Security, privacy has nearly ceased to exist due to their never ending, unwinnable wars on terror, drugs and so on. Our Mockingbird media even went so far as to postulate an extremely urgent, “war on Christmas”. Iconic Orwellian terms once considered fictional such as “Big Brother” have now become a familiar reality, as well as “group-think”, “thought police”, “thought crime”, “pre-crime”, “boots in your face” and newspeak and cognitive dissonance slogans reminiscent of 1984’s “War is Peace”, “Ignorance is Strength”, “Freedom is Slavery” and the infamous Nazi Arbeit Macht Frei. Orwell’s 85 percent population of “proles” are kept stupid and malleable through the use of alcohol, moronic epithets, pornography and gambling through a national lottery which nobody ever wins.

National solidarity and loyalty to Big Brother and The Party is generated by a ritualized two minutes of “hate speak” directed against the possibly non-existent Emmanuel Goldstein “ the enemy of us all”. Goldstein’s face appears everywhere to remind the terrified populace of an ongoing threat from this “enemy of the state”. This fictional scenario is also uncomfortably familiar to those us who remember the ubiquitous, so called Osama Bin Laden tapes, demonizing this former US ally, as the architect of 9/11, who credible sources report, died of kidney failure sometime during 2001. Meanwhile, another former ally was soon to be seen all over our media as Saddam Hussein was announced as “another Hitler”, hoarding “weapons of mass destruction”.

Most recently, our modern day “hate speak” efforts have been directed toward a shadowy ISIS, Al-caida offshoot, Muslim terrorist group, of dubious origin, who appeared suspiciously well armed and seemingly out of nowhere. If you are still unclear as to the reality and function of hate-speak, you might tune into Fox News propaganda channel or almost any extreme right wing talk-radio show, or web site …and there are many from which to choose. These belligerently patriotic sites, not shy about advocating violence, now provide a venue where frightened citizens can all get together and feel really good and oh so righteously connected through mutual terror and loathing of the latest state determined “Emmanuel Goldstein/other”.

Orwell’s novel concludes with a reality from which there is no escape; from a pervasive militaristic oppression and deceitful multi-media matrix which controls through promotion of heightened fear and pain.

In Brave New World Huxley’s equally oppressive, scientific dystopia controls through desire, pleasure and distraction while advanced technology provides an excess of material comfort along with subliminal suggestions, mass marketing hypnosis and mind control. Set in London in the year 2540, Huxley’s dark social satire takes place in a globalist World State, where unhappiness and emotion are managed through drugs. While not opposed to psychedelics, Huxley foresaw the pervasive influence of Big Pharma in social engineering through his depiction of the hallucinogen Soma, which relieved users of any discomforts presented by anything resembling reality.

In the interest of eugenics, recreational sex, extending to the point of hedonistic nihilism, while encouraged, is disconnected from reproduction; practically non-existent family life is considered pornographic while human pregnancies are condemned as obscene. As a result of strict population control, offspring are produced in factory farm hatcheries. Genetically engineered clones and designer babies are artificially gestated in ectogenesis devices which produce five chemically and hormonally determined casts: intelligent Alphas, only slightly less gifted Beta minions, and then Gammas, Deltas, and unfortunate Epsilons; artificially bred according to their designated social status and assigned roles within a carefully controlled, absolutely immutable, social hierarchy. The only options for escape were insanity or self-imposed exile to an off the grid existence amongst “savages” and primitive living conditions.

Aldous Huxley was deeply familiar with the desired practices and goals in the evolving science of eugenics, now called trans-humanism, through the work of his brother Julian Huxley (1887-1975), an evolutionary biologist who served for many years as President of the British Eugenics Society, now called the Galton Institute. This group advocated restricting reproduction to healthy, “fit”, individuals and forbidding any breeding amongst “unfit” individuals. Many of their ideas provided ample inspiration for the Nazi Third Reich’s policies of “racial hygiene”. It is important to bear in mind, not only the disastrous application of these eugenics and genetic theories and their potential for social engineering and genocide, but the very real reality that many of their so called “unfit” actually have what we may understand as “different minds” and abilities; such as Steven Hawking, Hellen Keller, Alan Turing, Albert Einstein, Vincent Van Gogh, Ludwig van Beethoven, as well as untold others.

In 1958 Huxley updated his thoughts in Brave New World Re-Visited which concluded that our world was moving toward his dystopian vision much faster than he had predicted. His concerns included both overpopulation and population control as well as the social effects of psychoactive drugs, hedonistic sex, and the use of subliminal suggestion through advertising, political propaganda and other mass marketing, multilayered mega-media agendas; using any form of mind control to create a consensual reality.

In Amusing Ourselves to Death (1985), the late Neil Postman published a lively polemic restating Huxley’s warning of a consumer-driven society that leads to a culture of burlesque. Not only will people be laughing instead of thinking, but they won’t know what they were laughing about and why they had stopped thinking. In an age of advancing technology, spiritual devastation is more likely to come from telegenic leaders and media “personalities” who seduce with a perpetual round of smooth lies, gratuitous violence, disaster porn and entertaining, irrelevant trivia. It could be said that we now live in an age of smart phones and dumb people, increasingly unable to distinguish between actual and virtual reality; a task rendered all the more difficult with an advent of green screens, photoshop and computer generated imagery.

In our modern dystopias it is not difficult to recognize elements from both Orwell’s and Huxley’s prescient visions. Here in America, for example we have an all pervasive surveillance system, which may well be global, to the extent that personal privacy is nearly impossible, with “boots in the face” law enforcement which can arrest, brutalize and kill with impunity. Nevertheless, we have also come to love, depend upon and even become addicted to our electronic leashes; TV, DVDs, cell phones, computers, email, Twitter accounts, Facebook “friends” and other options for shallow exchanges of pseudo-connectivity.

We may recognize other aspects of ourselves and our current situation in similar dystopian novels such as Hungarian born, English novelist, Arthur Koestler’s, Darkness at Noon (1940), Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 (1953), Philip K. Dick’s “Do Android’s Dream of Electronic Sheep?”, later recreated in the 1958 film Blade Runner. There are many provocative examples in many other films as well, such as my favorite, now classic American-Australian: The Matrix (1999) which contains a number of cinematic and literary works and concepts from mythology, religion, and philosophy; including Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave”, whose prisoners mistake firelight and flickering shadows projected upon their walls, as reality. While we are long out of our caves, how many of us can distinguish the soft glow of our flickering screens from reality?

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