Grey Wolf

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such a time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, truth is the greatest enemy of the State”. (Joseph Goebbels, Reichs Minister of Propaganda, 1897-1945)

In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies”. (Winston Churchill, 1943)

If you win, you need not have to explain…If you lose, you should not be there to explain”. (Adolf Hitler, 1889-?)

History is a version of the past that people have decided to agree upon”. (Napoleon Bonaparte)

Who controls the past controls the future.Who controls thepresent controls the past”. (George Orwell, (1903-1950)

Until recently I had relegated those reports of Hitler in Argentina to the same category of tabloid sightings of Elvis. However, newly de-classified FBI documents reveal that our government knew that Adolf Hitler was alive and living in Argentina long after the end of World War II. (Lisa Pattrick,, February, 12, 2104). Moreover, neither Stalin, Churchill, Truman, Franco or General Eisenhower believed that “suicide in the bunker” story propagated by Medieval historian, Hugh Trevor-Roper (1914-2003). Consider, if you will, the disturbing fact that this young medievalist was assigned by British intelligence to write an account of the Fuhrer’s final days in the Berlin bunker, despite the fact that he had no academic background in Teutonic history or politics and could neither read nor speak German.

As a result, his account of the supposed double suicide of Hitler and Eva Braun was based upon the testimony of surviving “witnesses”, all loyal Nazis, who were willing to say whatever the naïve historian wanted to hear. (The Last Days of Hitler, 1947). In fact, there exists no forensic evidence whatsoever that Hitler and Eva died in the bunker, as was dramatized in the 2004 movie Downfall, starring Bruno Ganz as the creepily charismatic Fuhrer. Trevor-Roper’s MI6 sponsored, suicide story was an important propaganda basis for Allied efforts to rebuild a new Germany without any hopes that the Fuhrer could return…and to promote a belief that if Hitler was dead, then Nazism was also dead. The notoriously arrogant Trevor-Roper’s credibility was seriously and deservedly damaged in 1983 when he “authenticated” the Hitler Diaries; subsequently proven to be forgeries. (Richard J. Evans, Lying About Hitler, 2002).

Recent publication of Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler (2011), by Simon Dunstan and Gerard Williams now serves to shed some much needed light into the shadowy endgame-strategies toward the close of World War II. Their title is especially apt given that from early on Adolf Hitler used the nom de guerre, Grey Wolf. In Old High German the name Adolf translates into “noble wolf”. It was as Herr Wolf that he was introduced to 17 year old, high spirited, shallow minded, shop girl, Eva Braun; and to many intimate acquaintances he was addressed as Uncle Wolf. His younger sister Paula changed her surname to Wolf in an attempt to retain some degree of privacy. Hitler’s yacht was called the Sea Wolf, his plane Flying Wolf, his field headquarters in East Prussia were known as the Wolf’s Lair, in Ukraine it was Werewolf and in France, Wolf’s Gorge. His fearsome U-boats were known as wolf packs and grey wolves; and one of them code-named Gruppe Seewolf, reportedly delivered Hitler to Argentina, where he spent his declining years as the proverbial Grey Wolf. (p. xxxi).

While it is true that party loyalists died in and around the Fuhrerbunker’s multileveled, subterranean, bomb-shelter complex beneath the Reichs Chancellery in Berlin, Hitler and Eva Braun were likely not among them. According to multiple accounts, the two escaped, in agreement with plans set in motion by Hitler’s ever-present, “Brown Eminence”, Reichsleiter and Head of the Part Chancellery, Martin Bormann. It is not unusual for world leaders to employ body doubles; Stalin had numerous stand-ins and Churchill at least one. Hitler had six of these lookalikes. His favorite, Gustav Weber, had been standing in for the Fuhrer since July 20,1944, when the bomb attempt at Wolf’s Lair Field Headquarters left Hitler with recurrent after-effects from shock and injuries. More specifically, an increasingly suspicious Hitler was plagued by infected facial and painful nasal-cavity wounds, inflicted by wood splinters from an oak table that had shielded him from the full force of the blast.

While alive, Weber’s final impersonation of Hitler took place during a last, officially photographed and newsreel appearance, when Weber handed out medals to a row of Hitler Youth recipients on March 20th, 1945. Herr Weber could be distinguished from Hitler’s other doubles by a palsied tremor of his left hand, which led to speculation that the Fuhrer himself suffered from Parkinson’s disease. Weber’s final service to his master was carried out in a double suicide scenario orchestrated by Bormann. Eva Braun’s double was selected from a cadre of young actresses that propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels had maintained for his own amusement along with another canine double for Hitler’s beloved Alsatian Shepherd Blondi. This counterfeit Fuhrer and his bogus bride were taken into the private quarters to enact their final scenario. Weber was shot and the actress and dog poisoned with cyanide, on April 30, 1945, also the date of a German pagan holiday Walpurgis Night, made famous in the Bram Stoker novel Dracula.

Meanwhile, another plan was already in motion. Hitler, Eva, Blondi, Bormann, former Gestapo Chief Heinrich Mueller, and a small group of others allegedly slipped out of the bunker in order to board a waiting plane; reportedly flown by SS Captain and Luftwaffe pilot Peter Eric Baumgart. (“Luftwaffe pilot sent to jail for five years”, Warsaw, August 8, 1949, Canberra Times, August 9,1949). On May 2, 1945 German radio announced: “The Fuhrer is dead. Long live the Reich!” Shortly thereafter, Soviet troops entered the underground complex. A few days earlier, a special detachment of SMERSH (the NKVD counter-espionage element especially created by Stalin), had entered the enclave in order to discover the whereabouts of Hitler, dead or alive.

Absolutely no evidence of the deaths of Hitler or Eva Braun were ever found. Next to arrive were 12 women doctors from the Red Army medical corp. Their leader, who spoke fluent German, immediately demanded of the remaining occupants: “Where is Hitler and where are the “glad rags”? After a thorough search, these determined Russian women, on a dedicated mission, found neither Hitler’s body, nor a shred of Eva’s furs or party girl’s wardrobe. The following day, the Soviet official periodical Pravda, declared, “The announcement of Hitler’s death was a fascist trick”. (James P. O’Donnell, The Bunker, 1978)

Thereafter, details of the escape from Berlin and the flight-routes, differ. In Harry Cooper’s account, (Hitler in Argentina, 2014), Bormann drugged the unwilling suicidal couple in order to save them, and flew them to Oslo where Eva died of the drug overdose. With the reported source of this version being Bormann himself, I could imagine some strategic disinformation-agenda designed to discourage anyone from looking for Eva and their children, after she left the marriage in 1954. More about that speculation, later. Additional information on Cooper’s ongoing investigations can be found at:, along with alleged plans for the “relocation of the Reich”.

Given a likely motivation for disinformation, the flight-plan set forth in Grey Wolf seems to make more sense. According to this well documented version, escapees from the war zone were flown to a clandestine facility in Denmark; and then from there on to Spain. Aided by General Franco’s pro-fascist regime, they were then flown on to another secret base in the Spanish Canary Islands, located off the coast of West Africa. After a much needed rest, the group undertook a lengthy, dangerous, undersea journey, via a Grey Wolf U-boat, to the coast of Argentina and then, after another rest, were transported to their new home in Patagonia.

This choice of refuge and safe-haven seems logical, since Patagonia and San Carlos de Bariloche in particular, has been a de-facto German overseas-colony since the late nineteenth century. The spectacular lake and alpine landscape setting and Bavarian architecture are strongly reminiscent of southern Germany; and authentic beer and bratwurst are amply supplied by the local German-speaking town folk. During and after World War II, pro-fascist dictator Juan Peron, an ardent admirer of Mussolini, Hitler and Franco, had enthusiastically welcomed a strong Nazi presence in Argentina; and hosted the largest Nazi party outside of Germany. Peron even sent a “Blue Division” to assist Hitler during the German war on the Russian front. (Uki Goni, The Real Odessa:How Peron Brought The Nazi War Criminals to Argentina, 2002)

During my visit to Bariloche I learned that refugee Germans, “war criminals” or not, were regarded as something akin to celebrities. My local hosts were kind enough to provide a copy of Argentine journalist Abel Basti’s, Hitler Died in Argentina (1987). While Basti admitted that he fabricated some of his material in order to avoid trouble with the Argentine authorities, he nevertheless maintains that the salient facts are true. And so, my patient colleagues agreed to take me along his suggested tour of Nazi-related sights; including plastic-surgery clinics disguised as holiday chalets. Later in the day we undertook a hike up to a stone and cement-block watch tower/bunker, constructed upon a cliff overseeing a sheltered cove, where clandestine submarines could discharge their high-value passengers under the cover of darkness. For those unfamiliar with South American geography, this region is very close to the Chilean border. Therefore, if a hasty escape should become necessary, one can readily arrange transport by ship, or over any one of several routes across the Andean Cordillera.

For well over a decade, I have been offering systemically-oriented social trauma seminars and trainings in Latin America. My professional home, now in Mexico City, was formerly located in Argentina. During that time, much of my work was generously sponsored by my Spanish-language publisher Alma Lepik, in Buenos Aires. In Bariloche, Neuquén, Rosario and Buenos Aires, my trans-generational trauma seminars inevitably engaged many children, grandchildren and other descendants, relatives and loved ones, of refugees who arrived during and after the fall of the Third Reich; as well as a number of their surviving victims.

A perpetrator/victim dynamic, with all of its complexities, comprises an integral part of trans-generational trauma work, and this was especially evident while working with this aspect of modern Latin American history. In brief, to me at least, it seems quite evident that the descendants of perpetrators and victims suffer, both equally and also differently. While I am tempted to write more about this phenomenon, and the often mysterious bond between perpetrators and their victims; Bert Hellinger has already done so, and his timely and often provocative, observations have been expressed in articles, books and videos, translated into many languages.

Soon after World War II came to a close, thousands of fascist refugees, collaborators, and their families, found their way to South America via a “monastery route”; on their way to Vatican-organized and protected “ratlines”, overseen by Bishop Alois Hudol, Monsignor Krunoslav Draganovi, (who later worked for the CIA), and hundreds of other Catholic clergy. (Peter Levenda, Ratline: Soviet Spies, Nazi Priests and the Disappearance of Adolf Hitler, 2012). False passports and new identities were issued along with permission to board passenger and freighter ships headed south. Soon these “ratlines”, as they were named by allied intelligence, extended across and throughout the southern continent. In time, notorious war criminals such as (CIA agent), Klaus Barbie, “Butcher of Lyon”, and Walter Rauff, inventor of portable gas chambers, felt safe enough to openly serve as “security-advisors” to Latin American dictators, determined to crush dissent. An abundance of well-researched documentation of these Nazi contributions to fascism throughout South America, is available in the above mentioned Argentine journalist, Uki Goni’s The Real Odessa .

Nazi refugees found a welcome home in Chile, where they established a heavily armed German-speaking colony, which soon became a state within a state, which was rumored to have ties to the CIA as well. This Nazi enclave located high in the Andes, south of Santiago de Chile, in the Maule region, also served as a safe house for war criminals on the run. After our Nixon/Kissinger regime supported a CIA-engineered, September 11, 1973 coup, ousting democratically elected, leftist President Salvador Allende, and installing General Augusto Pinochet; the Colonia Dignidad (Villa Baviera) became a torture and interrogation center for the extreme right wing regime. Here it is important to be clear that not only German and Chilean fascists were involved in torture. The torture chamber at Colonia Dignidad was designed by American CIA operative and professional assassin Michael Townley, now living under our Federal Witness Protection Program. (John Dignes, The Condor Years: How Pinochet And His Allies Brought Terrorism To Three Continents, 2005)

Under Pinochet, Operation Condor’s “war on terror”, against leftists and other suspected “dissidents” was officially launched in 1975. It eventually spread throughout many other South American countries, installing fascist military dictatorships, together with spies, informers, kidnappings, secret police torturing, incarcerating and the “disappearing” of at least 60,000 people of all ages. This period, now known as the “Dirty Wars”, atrocities continued to be carried out until 1985. Dirty War fascists were actively aided and supported by our US foreign policy, up to and through the Ronald Reagan years; based on a paranoid fear of a communist-takeover down there, “right in our own back yard”. (Saul Landau, “Terrorism Then and Now, Counterpunch, August 20-21, 2005)

Under Bormann’s masterful direction, and with powerful Vatican support, the Nazi network had successfully metastasized, taken deep root in South America, and was wielding a powerful fascist influence throughout the continent. As a result, the quasi-mystical personality-cult surrounding the Fuhrer was no longer so important. Hitler himself had apparently settled into a quieter life and enjoyed time recovering from his various ailments at the Hotel Eden Spa in La Falda, owned by Nazi sympathizers Walter and Ida Eichhorn. Service personnel from the now-abandoned resort recall visits of very special guests about which they were told to say nothing whatsoever, ever.

Housekeeper Catelina Gomero recalls these mysterious guests as being polite and reclusive during their visits. Another worker, Hernan Ancin observed a polite, rather gaunt, Hitler and his “well fed” wife during 5 visits between 1953 and 1954. He specifically remembered Eva as someone world weary, who appeared to have suffered a great deal. Apparently, she had grown increasingly heavy and unable to shed any weight after the birth of her last child. Both hotel workers, already elderly at the time of their interviews, received death threats and declined further access. (Jorge Camarasa, “la Falda tiene tambien su secreto nazi” , La Nacion, Buenos Aires, July 27,1980)

There is not much in the way of reliable information regarding Hitler’s children. According to the wife of his former Secretary of State, Otto Meissner , a son Helmut, was born to Magda Goebbels in 1935, the result of a passionate affair with her Fuhrer while both were vacationing at the Baltic sea in 1934. Magda poisoned this nine year old boy together with her five daughters shortly before committing suicide with her husband just outside of the Fuhrerbunker. Hitler also reportedly had a daughter Gisela, with athlete Othilie (Gold Tilly) Fleischer, “a true representative of the Aryan race”, Nazi Olympian and gold medal winner from the 1936 Berlin games. It seems that he only saw the child once.Gisela Heuser, Adolf Hitler, Mon Pere, 1966). Her mother denies the story.

There are also reports that Eva Braun’s first child, Ursula, “Uschi” was born in San Remo, Italy on December 31,1938, and this birth was confirmed by her father. This child was later raised at Berchtesgaden as a child of Eva’s friend Gitta Schneider, and was extensively photographed there along with affectionate family album pictures of Hitler and Eva with the small blond girl (“Americans Find Treasure Chest of Eva Braun”, St. Petersburg Times, November 16, 1945). After the war, Ursula was said to be the daughter of Eva’s sister, Gretel Braun and her husband Hermann Fegelein, yet their only child. Eva, was born after the war ended. When six year old Uschi arrived in Argentina in 1945, her mother was again pregnant with a second daughter, although this was her third pregnancy. Eva Braun’s mother Franziska Braun, when interviewed by the Allies, said that there was a second stillborn-child in1943. (North American Newspaper Alliance, February 18, 1946).

While Hitler and his guardians felt fairly secure during the time when Peron was in power, when that was no longer the case, Hitler and his family were reportedly moved to a more remote and therefore more secure location. Eva apparently found it difficult to adapt to such a dull and rural existence. There were no more parties, and her often morose husband, 23 years her senior, without a cadre of inner circle admirers, was probably not the best of company. Eventually, in 1954, Eva Braun, Hitler, and their two daughters are said to have fled to Neuquen province where they were continuously looked after by party loyalists.

As the aging Fuhrer’s health-issues increased in his final years, together with the last in a succession of Blondi’s; his personal physician, Dr. Otto Lehmann (may not be his real name) and long-time valet Heinrich Bethe, kept him as comfortable as possible; despite the torments of dementia, delusions, hallucinations and nightmares involving the vengeful ghosts of his murdered millions. According to this version of history, Adolf Hitler died on February 13, 1962. In the interest of secrecy, his remaining caretakers then became a liability to the Organization. Bethe knew this and managed an escape to Chile He changed his name to Juan Paulovsky and lived out his days in the small coastal town of Caleta Olivia. Dr. Lehmann was not so lucky and disappeared shortly afterward, probably murdered. (Grey Wolf)

So now, what to believe? Certainly not the MI6 agent for hire, Trevor-Roper. An important question here might be “Just exactly who benefits from that bunker suicide story or those rumors of Hitler as an asexual, impotent, pervert?” What we do know at this point, is that Monastery Routes and Vatican-operated ratlines were absolutely real; Peron was a dedicated fascist, and many Nazi war criminals have been extradited from South America. The USA/CIA supported “Dirty Wars” were real, all those “disappeared” really were tortured and killed, and Colonia Dignidad was real as well. Now, many critics of the Hitler in Argentina accounts have maintained that Martin Bormann could not have possibly escaped from Berlin and orchestrated and secured a vast Nazi network in South America. Never mind that there are too many accounts of his Brown Eminence in Latin America to be readily dismissed.

Recent, so-called forensic evidence has surfaced, claiming that Martin Bormann’s skull has been retrieved from a dig in Berlin in 1972, and its DNA analyzed in 1998 perfectly matches with an elderly relative, who remains unnamed. Never mind that this site had been previously excavated with no bones found, whatsoever. From my perspective, even more interesting is the fact that this Bormann skull contained traces of a sticky red clay not found anywhere near the section of Berlin where it was supposedly found. In fact, this type of volcanic red clay is ubiquitous in Paraguay, especially common to the village of Ita. This does suggest that Bormann died elsewhere and then his skull was deliberately planted in order to be “found”.

Esteemed forensic surgeon W.H Thomas also examined this skull, and determined that some of the dental-work clearly indicated that it had been carried out long after 1945. (W.H. Thomas,, August, 11 1996). A supposition such as this, then opens a way to the salient question: exactly why, and exactly who, would be sufficiently motivated to go to such lengths for such an elaborate deception, unless there was a great deal of very sensitive information to conceal. One could speculate that Bormann’s survival could prove embarrassing to the Allies who sentenced him to death, in abstentia, during their Nuremberg trials; to the Israelis who failed or were unwilling to capture him; or to the CIA who would prefer that any contact with him and his infernal machinations never happened. For an in-depth exploration of Bormann, both the man and the myth, see the late Paul Manning’s courageous, Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile, (1981), while bearing in mind that soon after its publication, his publisher’s legs were broken and Manning’s son murdered. The author died shortly thereafter.

From my perspective, it seems that many of these accounts of high-level Nazi deaths and disappearances need to be viewed with considerable caution. Historians and journalists know that it is the very nature of governments to lie, especially in matters they deem sensitive for “national security”. How many of those supposedly “disappeared” or “suicide” dead-Nazi’s actually turned up among the thousands who arrived here in the USA along with Werner von Braun under “Operation Paperclip”? This was, of course, deemed necessary for our “national security” during our post-war space and nuclear weapons-race with the Soviets, immediately following World War II. Scientists, War-criminals or not, arrived in the US via our own version of the ratline covert-operations. During this era of trading principles for power, we might consider, for example, the case of Hans Kammler, who supposedly “disappeared” right after the war.

Kammler was an undesirable ally by any reasonable standard, given that he oversaw the construction of underground slave-labor facilities, concentration camps, and engineered others means of mass extermination. More important, it seems, is that Kammler also had intimate knowledge and expertise from the Nazi V2 rocket project as well as involvement in a secret aerospace weapon known as Die Glocke (The Bell). In his book, The Hunt for Zero Point: Inside the Classified World of Antigravity Technology (2001), Nick Cook raised the possibility that Kammler came over to America with his Paperclip colleagues. In Reich of the Black Sun (2005), Joseph P. Farrell tends to agree that this is a real possibility. Aerospace engineer Clark McClelland, who worked at NASA from 1958-1992, in his Stargate Chronicles, specifically stated that Kammler was there at NASA along with a prototype for The Bell. More information about Paperclip Nazis is available in Annie Jacobsen’s, Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intelligence That Brought Nazi Scientists To America, (2015) and Eric Lichtblau’s, The Nazis Next Door: How America Became a Safe Haven for Hitler’s Men, (2014), which details how the CIA, FBI and the military put Hitler’s minions to work as spies, and intelligence assets while white washing their criminal pasts.

So now, here in 2015, we can rest assured that the man, Adolf Hitler, born in 1889, really and truly is finally, absolutely dead; and Bormann, as well. The time, dates and circumstances of their demise may never be established to the satisfaction of all concerned. While those dashing Hugo Boss designed uniforms for the SS and Wehrmacht are now seen only in the movies, Nazism is alive and well and thriving under many and various rubrics. On subject of the controversies surrounding the post war survival of The Fuhrer, Peter Levenda offers the following: Look around. Neo-Nazism is on the rise. There is a hard swing to the right in many countries around the world, some of it provoked by fears of a terrorist threat. The instability of the global economies and the widening gap between rich and poor is a familiar precedent for the appearance of populist dictators. Civil liberties are being eroded in the name of national security. Military and political leaders are warming their hands on today’s version of the Reichstag fire. In Latin America, and Asia, Hitler is more popular than ever.

What the Allies feared would happen, did happen. As the story of Hitler’s suicide is shown to be unsupportable by the evidence, the resurgence of belief in this monomaniacal madman and his fanatical ideology of race, purity, and power is guaranteed. Like Barbarossa he sleeps in a cave, perhaps in a salt mine in Salzburg, or more comfortably in a guest house in Bolzano, in that “monastery in Tibet” or a tropical isle in Southeast Asia – waiting for the hurt, the hateful and willingly ignorant to call his name in their hour of need. (Ratlines)

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