More Death From the Sky: September 11th Lightning Strikes Mecca

On being Muslim: “These virtues do not have ineffable meaning but offer a sense of morality…a way to be, and a way to behave, as a member of the human family”. (HM Queen Rania Al Abdullah of the Kingdom of Jordan)

When the shouting is over, the grim silence of facts remains”. (Joseph Conrad)

We’re an empire now and when we act, we create our own reality….we are history’s actors…and you, all of you, will be left to study what we do”. (Karl Rove, Senior Advisor to George.W. Bush Administration)

On September 11th, 2015,during severe weather, a massive crane owned by the Bin Laden family, was struck by lightning and crashed through the roof of Saudi Arabia’s Great Mosque in Mecca, resulting in large numbers of dead and wounded. While many chose to view this tragedy on this date and at that place, as an unlikely co-incidence, others saw the carnage as divine retribution for September 11th, 2001; allegedly carried out by Muslim terrorists.

From my perspective, these viewpoints overlook the admittedly complex dynamics of self replicating traumas, as fractal phenomena. (St. Just, A., Trauma: Time,Space and Fractals, 2012). During many years as both historian and clinician, I observed that individual and social traumas tend to repeat on the anniversary of other traumas, on something like fractal iterations along a non-linear time line. My first attempt to understand and describe this phenomenon took place in 1989 in an analysis of a combat trauma session done by Peter Levine, using his Somatic Experiencing technique, (originally titled: “A Developmental Approach to Combat Trauma”, which we later changed to “Under the Lilac Bush”).Peter’s client presented with what he described as “a whole string of things”; patterns of trauma throughout his life, which were all somehow connected. This description brought to mind an image of a string of Chinese firecrackers with their linear arrangement of clusters of potentially combustible material. Similarly one can picture trauma as a potentially explosive event that is one of many, arranged in a linear pattern along the course of a lifetime, and this I then hypothesized was something like a “Chinese Firecracker Syndrome”. (St.Just, A.,Relative Balance in an Unstable World, 2006)

Over time, I realized that while these self-replicating patterns of trauma do exist; the repetitions can also be non-linear as well as trans-generational. Then, as I moved into the field of Social Trauma, it became increasingly clear that while traumas tend to happen on the anniversary of previous traumas, this was also evident on the social level as well. In general, it can be observed that many replicating social traumas tend to occur on the anniversary of previous social and collective traumas, especially those involving broken connections and various forms of loss. Politicians, activists,the media and terrorists know this, and they often strive to orchestrate events on an anniversary of over whelmingsocial and political lifeevents. These specifically dated occasions are designed to bring attention to something unresolved, which often contains elements and various levels of denial, lies and cover-ups. Absence of accountability is also a factor in many patterns which are perpetuated when something, or many things, remain interrupted or otherwise unfinished. On a national scale, Americans would see this manifest in the horrors of September 11th, 2001, which can be seen as both the cause and a result of other cycles of violence.

In A Question of Balance, (2008), I explored some of the dates surrounding the now totemic date of September 11th,using biologist Rupert Sheldrake’s notion that places have “Fields of Memory” that can also play a role in traumatic repetitions. A series of events which took place on or around that date, now compressed into digital shorthand as: 9/11, were immediately blamed on Muslim, (mostly Saudi Arabian) terrorists and a “clash of civilizations”. This perception, laced with religious overtones, served as justification for a series of unending wars beginning in Afghanistan; followed by a Second Gulf War invasion of Iraq. Since then, war has been the single organizing fact of our society and we now garrison over a thousand military bases in 153 countries throughout theglobe. And still, the possibility that there could be foreign bases located on our own U.S. Soil, remains absolutely unthinkable.

September 11th was also the eleventh anniversary of the “New World Order” speech that the former CIA director and then U.S. President, G.H.W. Bush senior made to a joint session of Congress, to announce his administration’s decision to launch the First Gulf War. It is also interesting to note that the construction of the Pentagon, which was also a target on 9/11, began on September 11th, 1941.

Soon after the 9/11 attack, Internet rumors suggested that September 11th 2001 echoes that date in 1683, of the Battle of Vienna; considered to be a final turning point in the battle of the Christian West and Islamic Ottoman Empire. In September 1697, the Ottoman Turks lost a large amount of East European territory, following another devastating defeat by the Austrians. However, the exact date of these temporal correspondences cannot be altogether certain since the dates of the Islamic lunar, and western Gregorian solar calendar are not the same.

Another “clash of civilizations”, along with the theme of “imperial overreach”, began on September 11th, 1906, when Mahatma Gandhi announced his plans for a non-violent resistance to British imperial rule. Then in Chile, on September 11,1973, the American CIA backed a coup which resulted in the overthrow and controversial death of democratically elected President Salvador Allende. The subsequent fascist regime of General Augusto Pinochet, swiftly launched the terrors of Operation Condor; which resulted in the “disappearances” of thousands of people, domestic surveillance, secret police, and firing squads.At the same time, Nazi-style concentration camps and torture chambers opened up throughout Chile, as well as in many other LatinAmerican countries.(John Dinges, The Condor Years: 2004).

September eleventh has a tragic resonance in the Middle East as well . On that exact date in 1922, ignoring Arab grief and outrage, the Imperial British government issued a mandate in Palestine which promised European Zionists a national homeland for the Jewish people. Thisin turn, set the stage for ongoing conflicts, terrorist attacks, and wars. Again, on September 11th, 1972, a Palestinian terrorist group named Black September killed eleven Israeli hostages at the Munich Summer Olympic Games; where date, place, and number of victims were part of the message.

Now on September 11th, 2015, the latest iteration of this ongoing fractal appeared when a crane owned by the Bin Laden family, deployed to a construction project in Mecca as part of a massive project to increase the area of the Masjid al-Haram Mosque;(already the largest in the world), to be able to accommodate 2.2 million people at a time. During an unexpectedly severe electrical storm, over the the holiest site in all of Islam, the massive construction machinery was struck by a bolt of lightning and crashed through the upper floors and roof, along the east side of the sacred structure. Apparently, an unsecured hook from a massive red and white (German Liebherr Group) mobile crawler crane, began to sway during strong winds and heavy rain; and together with a reported lightning strike, began to move the massive machinery with it until the boom toppled into the great Mosque filled with people preparing for evening prayers. At least 109 devout worshipers were killed and some 238 or more were wounded. Some of the survivors were also killed or wounded during the subsequent stampede which occurred when the doors were reportedly locked. (, September 11, 2015).

This kind of storm is rare for that region of the Middle East, which is normally dry during this season. The Holy City was inundated with pilgrims, just days before the start of the annual pilgrimage.One of Islam’s five Pillars of Wisdom requires every able-bodied Muslim man to undertake the Hajj pilgrimage at least once in his lifetime; if they have the means to do so. This event, which comprises one of the largest religious gatherings in the world, has been plagued by chaotic organization, and a series of disasters and tragic episodes; such as the massive stampede of 2006. Sadly, this pattern was also to repeat in September 2015 in 40+ degree heat, giving rise to dehydration and exhaustion; as harsh policing and aggressive hordes led to a horrific stampede, which killed at least 769 pilgrims and injured hundreds more in a large valley in Mina, where over-sized crowds carry out a symbolic stoning of the devil, which has also been the site of stampedes in years past.

As news of this shocking catastrophe reached the West, and the American mainstream media in particular, the response from many was to view this tragedy with some measure of satisfaction, as some kind of “act of God” in vengeful retribution for the events of 9/11, especially since it took place in the holiest site in Islam and involved machinery owned by the Bin Laden family. One blogger went so far as to suggest that the German crane owned by Bin Laden was manufactured using the steel from the World Trade Center and Building Seven rubble; that the U.S. sold to China.

Shortly after posting the initial version of this blog an email arrived from reader Korhan Tekin, calling attention to the close ties between the World Trade Center’s architect, Minoru Yamasaki and the Bin Laden and Saudi Royal families. The Japanese-American architect practiced an architectural style merging the modern together with traditional Islamic influences. The Saudi Royal family’s admiration for Yamasaki’s design for their King Fahd Dhahran Air Terminal is pictured on one of their banknotes. Just a year after the completion of the Dhahran Airport, Yamasaki was awarded the commission for the World Trade Center, which he conceived of as a kind of “Mecca”. His design sought to replicate the pattern of Mecca’s courtyard by creating a vast delineated square with low colonnaded structures, capped by two minaret-like square towers. Yamasaki’s courtyard also replicated Mecca’s assemblage of holy sites; including the Qa’ba (cube) containing the sacred stone and the Holy Spring, represented by a fountain within an architectural composition in a radial, circular pattern similar to that same configuration in Mecca. At the base of the Twin Towers, Yamasaki employed stylized pointed arches derived from Islamic designs. (Laurie Kerr,, December 28, 2011).

Unless you care to speculate about some HAARPengineered, weaponized weather involvement, I have another perspective which might be worth some serious consideration; especially since these ongoing historical fractals seem to be propelled by lies, cover-ups and denial and an ongoing lack of resolution. Along with nearly half of our American population, I do not give any credence to that Orwellian myth of an evil Osama Bin Laden as any kind of cave sitting mastermind, who sent Arab boys with box cutters to topple our ever expanding empire. However, this insidious, socially engineered propaganda has nevertheless persisted as an ongoing “they hate us for our freedom”, anti-Islamic meme, which seems to have taken on an energy of its own. They are something like end times prophesies….which only serve to foster tribalized warfare and apocalyptic visions of death and destruction. I am now amazed, that these matrixgenerated memes, which may or may not have anything to do with actual truth, can actually foster such life-negative fractals as the unfortunate energies surrounding the date of September Eleventh.

If this might even possibly be true,what now? We have many choices of course, including the option to remain awake,aware and conscious of the powerful forces which are known to benefit from the many levels of skillfullycrafted deception which have been operational throughout history. From my perspective, any message that incites, promotes or supports “us versus themdivisiveness, should be deeply suspect; as not being in the best interest of our muchneeded human healing and harmony. While we are living in increasingly dark times, this is not the first time that humanity has faced formidable challenges, and while some maintain that these 21st century days are doomed to be our last, I do not agree. While we still have a measure of choice, we can decide to reject those negative and probably untruthful memes about “them”, constantly fostered by a monstrous and manipulative matrix; and return to the deeper truths of a compassionate love which connects us all; to find our collective path toward healing from there. There really is no “them”…and that, in reality, leaves only…….just us. 

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