Our Year of Fear

No one can terrorize an entire nation unless we are all his accomplices”. (Edward R.Murrow, Broadcast Journalist)

To him who is in fear – everything rustles”. (Sophocles)

Sometimes you get the squirrel and sometimes the squirrel gets you”. (K. Storm)

Given that this is December already, and still, here at year’s end, I could find no words for the increasingly disturbing events of 2015. I turned to Ursula Le Guin’s wisdom for writers…who refers us to Virginia Woolf, who explained that an image or an emotion, creates, “a wave in the mind”, long before it makes words. In writing, she continued, one has to capture this, and set this working, which apparently has nothing to do with words…and then as this wave breaks and tumbles into the mind, it finally provides words. (Ursula K. Le Guin, The Wave in the Mind, 2004). While I could deeply resonate with her insight, the waves in my own mind were multiple, cumulative and approaching the level of a tsunami; in response to an unwelcome, somewhat surreal, increasingly sinister, Orwellian reality.

Truly now, who among our awake and aware community, would not be at risk of overwhelm, in the face of that which human right’s attorney John Whitehead has termed an epidemic of historic proportions. A contagion of fear, being spread like wildfire, has succeeded in turning our communities into populist, pitchfork battlegrounds, and setting our loyal American citizens against one another; tragic hallmarks of the post 9-11 reality within which we find ourselves at present. We are being forcefed a daily diet of fear, served up together with toxic doses of vitriol, paranoia, and intolerance; and everywhere one turns, left, right or center, internal and external forces continue to successfully foment distrust and division. For those willing to see, there exists an ongoing strategy to control a populace through dumb -down, anti-history; higher mathematical, science education, ongoingly hostile to the humanities at the university level,in favor of corporate agendas fostered by those very, warmongering, military industrial complexes, of which President Eisenhower warned.

False flags, staged events, soap-opera trained crisis actors and rampant militarism are becoming almost daily fare. Evidence is now overwhelming, that a totalitarian agenda designed to confound the citizenry is a reality, along with campaigns to distract, with media controlled and complicit “news”, and mindless, narcissistic, celebritychatter, phantom opponents, and to turn local minor disagreements into major conflagrations. We are being maliciously manipulated, and fear and discord are promoted as a covert means of control and suppression . While our genuinely patriotic and well meaning citizens are busy screaming at each other, no notice will likely be taken of a lethal controlmatrix swiftly closing in; until the final, virtual and actual, crushing curtain of the controller’s, “us versus them theater” inevitably descends. (John Whitehead, “Does Fear Lead to Fascism?, opednews.com, December 7, 2015) . With all due respect to John Whitehead, I would add that, from my perspective, this oppressive controlmatrix is a globalist operation, not limited to any one culture, country or continent.

And then, mercifully indeed, my aphasic tsunami gradually receded when the multi-media, fearporn, noise machine carried their campaign another bridge too far. Words and my much needed sense of humor returned when the following story of a terrorist squirrel went viral. While you may be tempted to think that what I am about to relate is fiction, I can assure you that the following events are very real and you can research this for yourselves through the multiple sources available on line. The first byline to catch my attention was: “WHAT’S GOING ON? Aggressive ‘attack squirrels’ are terrorizing small California town”. No really, I am not making this one up. (catholic.org, 12/07/2015).

As I understand it, the unvarnished facts have unfolded as follows: Richard Williams 87 and his wife Norma 83, required hospitalization in the wake of a vicious attack by a squirrel that had been terrorizing their Novato, California neighborhood. As they were peacefully attending to routine chores in their garage, the perpetrating squirrel allegedly slipped under the garage door, pounced on Williams, clawing and scratching his head, arms and legs and repeated the attack every time that it was pulled off and even smashed his glasses! Upon hearing William’s screams, Norma, wielding a broom, hastened to his aid as this furry missile also landed upon her and more scratches and cuts ensued. As the battle raged on, Williams was able to grab the critter by the tail, swing it down to the garage floor, and then, although briefly stunned,the squirrel managed to escape. A kindly neighbor brought the wounded couple to the hospital where they received dozens of shots for rabies,tetanus and other rodent borne illnesses. Soon thereafter, photos of the bloodied and duly hospitalized Wlliams went viral.

And, if such an anomalous incident wasn’t harrowing enough, the San Jose Mercury reports that this wasn’t the squirrel’s first strike. Furthermore, the Marin County Humane Society has warned that this very same gray fox squirrel has been responsible for attacks upon at least eight other citizens during the last three weeks. However, the Marin society also now reports that this purportedly identified squirrel is now believed to be dead (forensics evidence)? While this official-sounding announcement may provide some relief for potentially terrified Marin County residents, the question remains as to why this local story about a few people and a squirrel went viral and was even given prominence in the UK.Daily Mail? (“Beware the killer squirrel”, dailymail.co.uk, December 8, 2015).

As it turns out, I was not the only one wondering about this squirrelfueled media blitz . And while I have compassion for the Williams and anyone else suffering fear and pain for whatever reason, I was also comforted to learn that I was not the only one experiencing more than one flashback to those iconic Monty Python comedy sketches featuring the ongoing battles between mankind and our fellow creatures. Soon after any number of these Northern Californiabased squirrel battle accounts appeared in various local, national and international media outlets, the internet comments sections also went viral, for the most part in a sane and comedic tone that categorically rejected any mass media intimations of any kind of genuine terror, whatsoever.

Some the more astute internet comments are summarized as follows: the attacker was likely a rodent-American of color (grey) recently radicalized by Muslim nuts, probably by his mate who is also a known member of ACORN, and this is why we need military grade weapons. Others warned, this latest confirmed terrorist attack augurs an oncoming zombiesquirrel apocalypse and that walls should be immediately erected around all of Marin County; and best to steer clear of Novato altogether. Some opined that this vicious attack was possibly provoked, as some neighbors suggested, when the varmit overheard some inflammatory anti-squirrel rhetoric emanating from the Williams’ household. Nevertheless, the squirrel had his apologists who maintain that this bushy tailed treerat should not give all squirrels (and squirrelism), a bad name; and refer sympathizers to their “squirrel lives matter ap#”. Others found some good news in the fact that the much maligned furperson wasn’t seriously injured during the attack otherwise his elderly victims could have been jailed for life, without parole.

Here in Arizona there have been no reported squirrel attacks, at least none that I am aware of, and perhaps I am naive, but it still seems relatively safe to enjoy the antics of those furry terrorists cavorting around the Juniper tree outside my office window. 

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